Caravan Checklist

Caravan checklist


  • Check that all your mirrors are firmly secured and you can see appropriately out of them
  • Check that you have appropriate tension in your fan belt and that its condition is still good
  • Check you have enough water/coolant in the engine and that you have an adequate amount of brake fluid
  • Check your oil levels in both the engine and transmission
  • Ensure you have a full tank of fuel
  • Ensure your tyre pressure is good, don’t forget to check the spare tyre as well
  • Get someone to stand outside while you press the brake pedal and switch on the various lights, ensure that all are working
  • If your 4WD has airbags fitted, ensure that they are inflated
  • Look at the condition of the various hoses in your engine, are they still ok?
  • Make sure you have placed an insect screen in front of the radiator if required


  • Check that all the windows and any hatches are closed
  • Check that there is a fire extinguisher fitted
  • Check that your gas bottle is securely fitted and your water tank has been filled recently
  • Check the wheel nuts of your caravan and the condition of it’s tyres
  • Ensure that all the cupboards and drawers in the caravan have been closed and any tables secured firmly
  • Ensure that your brakes have been checked and adjusted if necessary
  • Make sure that the fridge door is closed and locked, also check that any of the fridge’s contents are sealed
  • No loose items should be kept on cupboards or shelves within the caravan
  • You should also have your wheel bearings adjusted
  • Ensure your Wineguard Antenna is down and SatKing if fitted
  • Stow away your jockey wheel
  • Ensure your water pump is turned off
  • Turn on MaxxFan or CaraFan dust suppression if on dirt roads
  • Check that your gas appliances have been serviced at least bi-annually

** it is recommended to have a caravan specialist check the caravan before your departure on long trips


  • Check that all safety chains have been secured
  • Check that the caravan doors are locked and closed
  • Check that the steps of the caravan have been raised
  • Double check that lights are working, both on the vehicle and caravan
  • Ensure that all tyres have been correctly inflated to the appropriate pressure
  • Ensure that all wheel chocks have been removed
  • Ensure that your towing aid has been fitted correctly and safely
  • Ensure the jockey wheel has been removed or firmly secured
  • Make sure that all gas has been turned off
  • Make sure that all jacks have been raised and all safety stands removed
  • Make sure that the 240V electrical lead has been disconnected


  • A spare fan belt
  • A spare wheel, tyre and tube to suit your caravan
  • Extra electrical wire
  • Some extra coolant
  • Some extra engine oil
  • Some insulating tape
  • Spare radiator hoses
  • Cable ties


  • 2 x tyre levers
  • A number of tools that will fit both the vehicle and the caravan
  • A wheel brace that will work on the wheel nuts of both the car and caravan
  • Blocks to stabilize the corners when the ground is soft or not level
  • Caravan levelling wedges
  • Tyre guage and air compressor for re-inflating after rough terrain
  • Trail A Mate or suitable jack


Ensure that gas lines, appliances, connections and fittings are regularly checked by a professional

Fire extinguishers really are an imperative thing to take on any holiday, always choose one that is big enough to handle a fire, and place it in a location that can be easily accessed especially from the outside.

Please note the above lists are included only as a guide and should not be considered an exhaustive list