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Off Road Adventures

The Tanami Track is approximately 1000 klms of unsealed road maintained by mining companies. Traversing the outback from Alice Springs to the Kimberley area, its not for the faint hearted.

As will all outback travel there are some common sense things to concern yourself with, frequent breaks to allow for checking and cooling of hard working components, rest breaks and also maintaining the correct tyre pressures for the terrain you are travelling on.

Also in the Kimberley region is the world famous Gibb River Road, only the top 30 odd klms is sealed through to El Questro, after that you have around 600 klms of interesting road surface!

These are only a couple of the epic journeys that are there for the earnest off road trekker!


Ron Bray tells us about Quantum Caravans

The Classic

Showcasing our Quantum Classic

21 foot 6

The Classic has a choice of either bush pack suspension or full off road.

Plenty of space to relax and explore Australia with your choice of colours both exterior and interior.

luxurious finishes ensure our quality build stands out from others that are massed produced.

We love our caravans, we hope you do too.